Resources: Adjusting to College Learning in 2023

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Faculty and staff at colleges and universities across the U.S. have noticed recent changes in students’ relationship to campus life and learning. The causes are complex, partly attributable to COVID-19-related disruptions in K-12 and higher education, mental health effects of the pandemic, and changing student demographics. Faculty and staff are struggling to adjust their pedagogy to meet the demands of the present moment. A recurring question many of us have is: How do we balance flexibility and inclusive pedagogies with expectations about attendance, deadlines, assessment, and other concerns?

At our January 18 retreat, we will explore some of these challenging issues. We have gathered some readings and podcasts that may be helpful as we reevaluate our orientations and teaching practices. [Note: You can access all articles through our shared folder]

Student Disengagement

Flexibility (Attendance, Deadlines, Assessment, etc.)

Mental Health, Disability, and Well-Being

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