Cromwell Fellows: Coming Soon, with Changes

We have made a change to the Cromwell Fellowship program that will (we think and hope) enhance their impact on our teaching and learning community. Beginning in 2023, applications will be for a fellowship term of two years, with a stipend provided each year. We have also added a new category for Course Development, in partnership with the Holstein Fund: projects focused on Civic Engagement and Ethics.

This change to a two-year fellowship will enable Fellows to conceive, research, develop, implement, and evaluate their course and program development over a longer time horizon. This is a point we noted in faculty feedback: many would love to pursue a pedagogical or curricular project but felt limited in the time they could give to it.

Now, there will be more time to develop the developments. Additionally, there will be more time and opportunity for the Washington College community to benefit from the knowledge and innovations developed by our colleagues. We envision organizing various CTL events throughout the year in which Cromwell Fellows can play a role in sharing insights from their research and strategies developed in their innovative work in teaching and learning. We aim for this to be a real Fellows program, something that goes beyond a grant. A way for us to celebrate and also learn from the knowledge and experience of our Cromwell Fellows.

Applications for Cromwell fellows will now be accepted once a year in the spring (due March 15, 2023), with a two-year fellowship term beginning in the following fall semester.

For more details and to download the application, visit the Cromwell Fellowships page.

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