2022-2023 in Review

The Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning will be reporting at the May 12 meeting of the Board of Visitors and Governors. Afterwards, the CTL will host a 4:30 pm gathering featuring conversations with faculty about a variety of projects involving innovative teaching, community engagement, and faculty-student collaborations. We will also be honoring Barbara Cromwell on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Barbara and George Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning.

Take a peek at the banners summarizing faculty projects that will be featured at the gathering. Below is an overview of programming we are presenting to the Board.


Established in 2013, the Barbara and GeorgeCromwell Center for Teaching and Learning at Washington College advances the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning across the liberal arts and sciences. The CTL supports the development of Washington College’s learning community, initiates programs and activities that enrich and sustain reflective teaching, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations with a broad range of groups and colleagues both on campus and across the country. The Center cultivates an institutional climate that values, rewards, and supports the teacher-scholars of Washington College throughout their careers. In our programs and communications, we focus on encouraging innovation, fostering inclusion, and building communities of teacher-scholars. 

Selected Cromwell CTL Events and Programs: 2022-2023 

Collaborations with Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Alisha Knight 

  • Freeman Hrabowski, Empowered University (Fall book discussions and lecture) 
  • “Inclusive Excellence, Intellectual Diversity, and Free Expression in our Classrooms” (2 Spring workshops) 
  • “Inclusive Pedagogy and Classroom Practice” (May full-day workshop), keynoted by UNC-Chapel Hill educators and authors Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy  

Collaborations with Miller Director of Civic Engagement at the Starr Center, Dr. Pat Nugent 

  • New Cromwell Fellowships focused on ethics and civic engagement, supported by the Holstein Program in Ethics. 
  • Faculty/Staff retreat (June) focused on developing community engagement initiatives related to teaching and learning 

Adjusting to College Learning in 2023 

  • Faculty Staff retreat (January): discussions with faculty and colleagues from Advising, Academic Skills, Student Affairs, Counseling Services and other departments 
  • Town Hall (February) with students and leaders from the SGA responding to questions from faculty and staff 

Learning about Machine Learning: Innovation/Education Series (Spring)  

  • 3 workshops on implications of new generative AI tools for education 
  • Presentations from Faculty, Staff, and Students focused on ethical and innovative uses  

Cromwell Award for Innovation in Teaching 

  • Dr. Dylan Poulsen, Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science 
  • Innovations in Alternative Grading 

Cromwell Fellowships Awarded for Pedagogical Development and Research in: 

  • Ethics and Civic Engagement
  • Innovative Pedagogy  
  • Interdisciplinary Course or Program Development  

May 12 Board of Visitors and Governors Conversations Featuring Recent Faculty Work: 

  • Classroom Innovations 
  • Community Engagement
  • Student-Faculty Collaborations 


Dr. Emily Steinmetz, Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropology and Archaeology 

Dr. Sean Meehan, Professor of English and Director of Writing 

Advisory Board 

Prof. Jill Bible, Prof. Lisa Daniels, Prof. Aileen Tsui, Dean of Library and Academic Technology Mary Alice Ball, Academic Technology Officer Sharon Sledge, Dean of Student Success Aaron Lampman 

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