Tech Teaching Tools

While many think of technology exclusively in terms of new tools that have emerged with digital computing, we like to take a broader and longer view. Technology, or “tech,” from the Greek techne, is any “tool” or “art” useful for making or doing: such as the art of writing (Plato worries about this new techne in “The Phaedrus”) or the “art of rhetoric” (which Aristotle defines as a techne for discovering the available means of persuasion for any topic). While it is tempting to speculate that the English “teach” is related to Greek techne, with only one letter difference the Old English taecan, to show or demonstrate, is the most likely origin. However, many of the tools we use to learn and to teach, both analog and digital, are aimed at demonstration.

Washington College faculty demonstrate some of the technology tools available for use in our teaching. Please contact us with a Tech Teaching Tools idea if you’d like to contribute–and remember, analog tools are relevant no less than algorithms.

[links to Cromwell CTL Resources in Canvas where you can view a short demo]

image credit: “How Aristotle Created the Computer,” Atlantic Monthly

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