Cromwell Fellows

Current and previous recipients of the Cromwell Fellowship at Washington College


Erin Anderson. Civic Engagement and Ethics: “Social Welfare Field Experience.” 

Bridget Bunten, Sara Clarke-De Reza, Nick Garcia, Michelle Johnson, Erin Counihan. Civic Engagement and Ethics: “Busload of Books: A National Curriculum Opportunity.” 

Andrew Oros. Interdisciplinary Course Development: FYS, “Imagining the Future.” 

Courtney Rydel and Bin Song. Civic Engagement and Ethics: “Global Wisdom & Literature.” 

Suyog Shrestha. Innovative Pedagogy: “Scientific Modeling and Data Analysis.” 


Rebecca Fox and Jordan Tirrell. Interdisciplinary Course Development/Innovative Pedagogy: Integrated Cross-Collaborative Experience between Statistics (Mat 209) and Biogeochemistry (ENV 312). 


Sara Clarke-De Reza and Meghan Grosse. Interdisciplinary Course Development: “Qualitative and Descriptive Methods in the Social Sciences” (EDU/CMS 394). 


Sara Clarke-De Reza. Interdisciplinary Course Development: “Liberal Arts Learning at this Moment in Time” (EDU 194), planned for Spring 2023. 


Flavio R. Hickel, Jr. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—Course Development: “U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics.” 


Sara Clarke-De Reza. Interdisciplinary Program Development:  Museum, Field, and Community Education minor. 

Erin Counihan. Innovative Pedagogy: “Literacy in the Content Field,” developing multimodal texts and  21st century literacies. 

Emily Steinmetz. Interdisciplinary Course Development: FYS course “Liberation,” linking teaching and learning with Baylor Correctional Facility. 


R.C. De Prospo. Interdisciplinary Course Development: “Race, Gender, and the Institutional History of American Studies.” 

Laura Eckelman and Ben Tilghman. Interdisciplinary Program Development: Arts Management minor. 

Courtney Rydel. Innovative Pedagogy: “The Global Middle Ages,” course transformed from “Medieval Literature.” 


Tia Murphy. Interdisciplinary Program Development: Senior Capstone Experience celebration month. 


Ryan Eanes 

Lauren Littlefield, Mike Kerchner, Amanda Sommerfeld  

Julie Markin 

Sean Meehan 

Dylan Poulson and Nathaniel Schwartz 


Aaron Amick 

Aaron Lampman and Ken Schweitzer 

Adalbert Mayer 

Jon McCollum 

Sean Meehan and John Boyd 

Kate Moncrief 

Amanda Sommerfeld 


Aaron Amick

Erica McMaster

Heather Russell

Ken Schweitzer

Amanda Sommerfeld

Suan Vowels

Christine Wade

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